You’re a toxic little shite

A sprite, with might and who’s heart light
Is blocked by the raven in the night
Covering the full moon in Scorpio.
Crystals for Dysfunctionality shatter at your sight
You’re a sexual predator with a disguise of sincerity
Like a plug in the sink, by your side I never dream,
A room covered in butts, ash and roach material,
No pressure, no stress, just being was the deal,
Possessive, impulsive, repulsive,
My head is sore, my necklace on the floor and the love in my heart stays locked.

As I leave, I find my feet, no longer are they blocked by shoes,
I sit there in despair and wait for the tsunami of the blues,
I cry, I breath, I intended to meditate for just a sec,
Then I realised the universe taught me, I circled my neck,
Got up and went home.

The spit on my back, the dressing hurriedly in the corridor so no one will see,
That kicked out of a room left standing was me,
My shoes thrown from the window, my bag lain next to it,
And sobering adjacent to them I sit.

My father listed as a missed call on my phone,
I call him back and he say he couldn’t sleep,
He was worried about me, stressed and all alone,
I run back home and get in my covers and write this and weep.

You’re a little shit.